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Internationalisation is an important area for Rogaland County Council.

The county is involved in many international projects and is represented in many international organisations like  Vestlandsrådet(West of Norway Council), CPMR/North Sea CommissionEuropapolitisk forum(Co-operation council on EEA affairs between national government, and regional and local authorities) and participates in projects through European programmes like Erasmus+Creative EuropeINTERREG  and Horizon 2020. In addition the county is a partner of the Stavanger Region European Office in Brussels.

The county council has an international co-ordinator responsible for co-ordinating European and international activities and is also responsible for assisting our politicians engaged in European organisations. The international co-ordinator is part of the Planning Department.

The department of Education is the part of Rogaland County Council that governs the upper secondary schools. Internationalisation is an important part of the work in this department. Main responsibilities for the international coordinator are to spread information to the schools of all the excisting possibilities for applying for grants wether it be the Erasmus+ program, strategic partnerships, Troll, Gjør det! or the Nordplus programs, to be a resource for the schools when they work on applications for grants, and to facilitate exchange of expericence, workshops, and partnersearches. The international coordinator also facilitates becoming partners in EEA-projects through EEA Grants.

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The Planning Department co-ordinates regional planning, oversees local planes, assists local council with planning and urban development, and works with ernvironmental issues (water region management, climate adaptation, mineral resources and management, public health issues, analysis, statistics, and maps. 

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Department of education

Live Hegelstad
International coordinator
Cellphone : +47 47 33 34 08

Planning Department

Geir Sør-Reime
International coordinator
Cellphone +47 91 88 41 80

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